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All our fertilisers are bulk products derived from environmentally friendly, renewable and recovered sources of Phosphate, Potash, Sulphur, Magnesium and Sodium. They contain significant quantities of trace elements and provide a sustainable and cost effective alternative source of plant nutrition, required by Britain’s high yielding arable crops and grass today.

The products are delivered in bulk loads and ideally tipped on a hard, free draining surface, just prior to the time of application. They are not easily affected by normal rainfall while stockpiled. Spreading requires the use of a belt fed fertiliser spreader and 12 metre bout widths are achievable. Application can be carried out using our in-house specially adapted, high capacity spreaders, or your own appointed contractor, or belt fed machine.

p-grow is a phosphate rich sustainable fertiliser that provides phosphate in both immediately available and long lasting forms, providing the plant with nutrient throughout the growing season and helping to replenish soil fertility.

p-grow is not easily leached and can be applied by JSE-Systems belt fed fertiliser spreaders at annual, biennial or variable rate application rates at any time of the year, helping you save money and freeing up valuable time at peak periods.

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Fibrophos is a bulk PK fertiliser derived from the incineration of poultry manure that is burnt as a renewable energy source. The resultant ash is therefore a sustainable and environmentally friendly source of P & K for arable and grassland alike.

The different grades of Fibrophos make it suitable for a range of soil types and cropping from wheat and rape to sugar beet and potatoes to grassland.

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pkup is an environmentally friendly, renewable, phosphate & potash fertiliser with valuable Calcium content. It is a safe, pathogen free effective fertiliser containing useful plant nutrients for British Agriculture.

The different grades of upkeep make it suitable for a range of soil types and cropping from wheat and rape to sugar beet and potatoes.

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LimeX has been the No.1 liming product for correcting soil acidity, for more than 70 years.

LimeX is a friable pressed lime, easily spreadable and a high-quality liming material ideal for the correction of soil acidity; with the added benefit of intregal nutrients and general agricultural soil conditioning.

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Exclusive to JSE-Systems...

K-Salt Root Fertiliser' is the very cost effective source of Potassium with free Sodium!!

As a direct alternative to Sylvinite, K-Salt contains a slightly higher concentration of Potassium to Salt (sodium) and is aimed at the sugar beet, carrot and parsnip root grower looking to source a cheaper and sustainable source of Potash and Salt.

JSE-Systems offer bespoke K-Salt blends and salt mixes of P-K-Mg-Na to meet individual growers requirements.

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Potassic Lime contains Potash, Sulphur and lime to act as a fertiliser and lime replacement.

Potassic Lime gives farmers the opportunity to use a cost effective alternative to mainstream manufactured fertilisers.

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The most cost effective way to apply Calcium Sulphate without raising pH, improving soil structure and increasing nutrient availability.

Gypsum is highly soluble, therefore it is an excellent source of Calcium and Sulphur, especially on acid loving crops.

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We have been supplying Lincolnshire and East Midlands farmers with agricultural lime for over 25 years.

Compared with fertilisers, the application of natural quarried agricultural lime has long-term benefits. However, despite taking longer to be effective, agricultural lime makes a tremendous difference to the productive potential of arable and grassland, both in real terms and in economic terms.

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