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New Phosphate and Potash fertiliser for Britain's farmers

It is a safe, pathogen free, environmentally friendly and agronomically effective fertiliser containing useful plant nutrients for British Agriculture.

Its use on British soils directly replaces environmentally costly imported phosphates and potash.

pkup provides Phosphate (P2O5) in both immediately available and long lasting forms, providing the plant nutrient throughout the growing season - helping to replenish soil fertility.

pkup contains Calcium and Sulphur, so helps maintain pH & soil structure and maximises the uptake of Nitrogen and hence protein synthesis. Sodium will improve the palatability of grass an help maintain healthy pastures.

Available in the following grades

0-21-0     0-18-9     0-16-16     0-10-10+Na

Nutrients Typically contained in pkup

How is pkup applied?

Like all our sustainable fertiliser products, pkup is applied using our dedicated fleet of trailed belt fed fertiliser spreaders; specially modified to spread these type of marterials accurately and efficiently, to a 12m bout width. 

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pkup for variable rate application - VRA

For growers who have had GPS soil mapping carried out, pkup can be applied on a VRA basis due to its largely ‘straight’ phosphate nature. Speak to your GPS mapping provider who can update nutrient recommendations to incorporate the use of pkup 0-21-0. JSE-Systems will upload the data files onto their controllers and carry out the variable rate spreading for you, using their belt fed spreaders. Contact us for more information.

Phosphate offtake and replacementFresh material Kg P2O5/tTypical Yield t/haOfftake Kg P2O5/hapkup 0-21-0 application Plant Food Applied kg/ha
Cereals - grain only7.886232565
Cereals - grain & straw8.686935070
Oilseed rape - seed only14.045630060

click here for product data sheet information on pkup, or click here to visit the pkup web site and learn more.