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Potassic Lime

Agricultural Lime

Potassic lime is a fertiliser replacement product offering growers a Potash, Sulphur and liming material rolled into one.

The product also benefits from supplying a range of beneficial trace elements to feed the soil the essential plant foods to increase productivity and maintain soil fertility.

Potassic Lime is a bulk product which is spread with a moving belt spreader and the product can be delivered to field for immediate application or stored on farm to be spread at convenience.

The Potash and Sulphur are supplied in a water soluble form, and as such are available to the plant when required.

The Benefits:

  • Average analysis 40kg per tonne of water soluble K2O.
  • Average analysis 35kg per tonne of water soluble SO3
  • 1 tonne is equivalent to approx 0.6t of ground limestone with an NV of 27%.
  • Supplies benefical trace elements, including boron, Molybdenum, Copper, Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Cobalt, Selenium, Sodium.
  • Available all year round.

Application Rates:

Potassic Lime applied at 2.5t/ha will supply 100kg/ha of Potash as K2O, and 87kgs of Sulphur as SO3. It will also give a liming benefit, equivalent to 1.5ts of good quality, ground limestone.