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As specialist in soil eco-systems, it is our aim to offer the full suite of services from advice on soil and plant nutrition; by FACTS qualified advisors, manual basic and broad spectrum soil sampling, leaf tissue analysis to a professional contract spreading service of fertiliser, lime, gypsum, biosolids and manure; including variable rate technology where applicable.

FACTS Advice

The central concept to all our crop nutrition advise programs follows that of a balanced approach.

Whether that be the 'Law of the Minimum' or 'Law of the Maximum.

The principle being that “if one or more nutrients is in short supply, this deficient nutrient then becomes the limiting factor for the success of the crop and no amounts of additional inputs will improve the yield unless the limiting nutrient is addressed.


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Soil Sampling Services

Soil Sampling should be carried out a minimum of every 4 years on combinable arable farms or for more specialist crops with specific requirements before each crop is grown.

JSE-Systems are able to carry out all types of soil sampling from straight pH testing; to P,K, Mg, S; to full broad spectrum analysis.

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Spreading Services

JSE-Systems run a fleet of K105 bredal belt fed fertiliser spreaders, each with it's own dedicateded driver, JCB 3230 Fastrac and loader tractor. Each machine has been modifed by JSE-Systems with addition of a 12m curtain sided boom to aid in the spreading of ash based fertilisers, gypsum and lime products.

We also run a pair of Bunning 150 with high capacity spinning discs for use with poultry manure, FYM, biosolids & compost.

JSE-Systems are the only out sourced spreading contractor appointed by Anglian Water's Nutri-Bio.

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